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My Life and Work

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 I am just adding this little bit so you can get to know me better. I'm nearly 57 years old and i was born in Glasgow, Scotland. My mother was a model for Norman Hartnell, my father was an electric guitarist. My mum also used to sing in my dad's band. I was a solitary child even though I went on to have a brother and a sister, I still  preferred my own company. 

Growing-up, was hard and too long to go into.. but I always had a sense of just! Right and wrong. I did strive to be the best person I could be each day. Always had my head in a book!

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Born - 1965, Govan to Mr & Mrs Duncan McMillan.

Grew up in Blackburn, Queenzieburn then Kilsyth.. was a professional gymnast up to the age of 12/13.. Moved to Livingston, West Lothian and resided there until I started my journey to London, Jan 1983 to become a Nanny.

1986 - Community liaison officer. West Lothian Council.

1990 - Supervisor, Woolworths, Bethnal Green.

1991- Beauty consultant, John Lewis, Brent Cross.

1994- Library assistant, Limehouse, East London
P/t. SEN Morpeth Secondary School.

1998- Behaviour Support Assistant, Lumphinnans PS, Fife

2001- Sky in Dunfermline

2006/7 - Account Manager, Lancôme Debenhams, Perth, Scotland

2012- 2014 - Sky help all team .

Retired 2014 for health issues .

2019- Covid struck- trained in Calligraphy .

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