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 Here are a few of the people who have taught me over these last 2 years and some wonderful people who are Calligraphers and/or Penmen. 

Becca Courtice - The Happy Ever Crafter

Paul Antonio - PAscribe

Jenni Landau - JL Calligraphy & The Calligraphy Box

Kelly Klapstein - Kelly Creates

Younghae Chung - Logos Calligraphy

Seb Lester - Calligrapher

Michael Sull - Master Penman

Harvest Crittenden - Master Penman

Tania Crossingham - Illuminator 

Nicki Traikos - Watercolour Artist & Designer

Eunice Sun - Watercolour Artist

Eleanor Winters - Calligrapher

The websites to all of the above are available on this page!!

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